What You Should Know About High Cholesterol Foods And Low Cholesterol Diets

When you eat too much of fats that are classified as saturated your cholesterol levels will increase. However, a number of studies along with science backed research have discovered that decreasing or cutting out saturated fats with a low cholesterol diet which replaces it with foods that contain more of the unsaturated fats are able to improve cholesterol levels.

Foods Which Increase Cholesterol

Saturated fats are associated with increasing cholesterol levels and this is the reason why it is suggested to limit the types of food that we eat which are known for their high saturated fat levels. Here is a list of some of the common food types that are high in saturated fat:

• Butter

• Meat products like sausages

• Fatty meats

• Ghee

• Full fat yogurt, cheese, cream and milk

• Lard drippings

• Coconut cream and palm oils

In addition, there are a variety of foods like pastries, chocolate, puddings and cakes which contain many of the ingredients which have been listed above that will also increase your cholesterol levels.

Foods That Naturally Lower Cholesterol

Most of the low cholesterol diets will include plant-based foods. Plants are free from cholesterol and are in most cases very low in the saturated fats. These food types include seeds, oat cereals, pulses and beans, soya foods, vegetables, fruits and barley. Some of the popular choices on a low cholesterol diet will include some of the following:

• Vegetables that contain soluble fiber like mango, turnips, sweet potato, okra, citrus fruits and aubergine

• Oat bran

• Baked beans

• Breads that are made with 50% oat bran or oat flour

• A variety of beans such as white beans, adzuki beans, pinto beans, kidney beans, cannellini beans, black beans, mung beans, navy beans, lima beans and more

• Soya

• Tofu

• Unsalted peanuts, almonds, pecans, walnuts and pistachios

Foods That Are Fortified With Plant Sterols or Stanols

Stanols and sterols are found naturally in plants. The foods that have been fortified with these stanols or sterols are believed to lower cholesterol in the way of decreasing the amounts of cholesterol that our bodies are able to recycle. These fortified foods can now be found in the chilled section in the majority of grocery stores.

Other ways to reduce cholesterol levels include cutting down on sugar, industrialized foods and salt.


Most people are unaware of that having a condition like type 2 diabetes is one of the common results of a highly processed diet along with sedentary lifestyles. Cutting down on sugar can assist in preventing the onset of these diseases and lower your cholesterol.

Industrialized Foods

Processed and industrialized foods which include potato chips, muffins and cakes made out of white flour along with highly sugared drinks and foods are not exactly recognized as cholesterol-raisers. However, they will damage the arteries in many other ways and raise blood glucose, triglyceride fats and our inflammatory levels.


Lowering salt intake will not lower cholesterol directly, but is able to significantly keep your blood-pressure levels under control. This is very important as high blood-pressure happens to be a primamry risk factor for strokes and heart attacks.

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