What Is A GM Diet?

The GM diet, also known as the General Motors Diet, is a weight loss plan originally developed by General Motors Corporation to help their employees keep fit and stay in shape. Originally an in-house diet program for employees of General Motors, the GM diet has over time become popular as an overall diet plan that works for anyone wanting to lose weight and become fit.

This unique diet plan promises to help you lose between 10lbs – 17lbs of weight in just 7 days. The diet management plan involves specific daily food consumption of certain foods that are primarily designed to help you lose weight but has the added benefits of making you feel good and look great, with enhanced mental capacity. Not only does it have the benefit of improving physical and mental health, it also helps to keep the body cleansed and detoxified. Many people use the GM diet every six months to detox and cleanse their bodies rather than just for weight loss.

Goals and Objectives of the GM Diet

The original objective of the management of General Motors was to develop a diet plan for middle-aged employees who were just a few years from retirement to slim down and improve their health. Employees were expected to loss excess weight that could affect their health and cause risk factors that would impact their productivity at work. For other individuals who wish to follow the GM diet the following benefits could be obtained:

– Shedding extra weight in order to achieve an ideal weight to height body mass.
– Improved muscle tone through exercise.
– Cleaner body from routine detoxification.
– Prevent serious health conditions such as hypertension, obesity, arthritis, and cardiovascular disease.

Strict but manageable weight loss goals are imperative to avoid side effects from following this diet plan. These include strictly following the diet plan on a daily basis until the desired weight has been attained, and using the plan at weekly intervals combined with exercise to avoid health risks and bouts of fatigue.

GM Diet Side Effects

As a fast-paced diet plan, the GM Diet has certain side effects similar to other quick-loss weight regimens. Some of these may include:

– Sudden muscle weakness from lack of protein during the initial days which will regulate itself once the body gets used to the food regimen and the nutrients provided by the plan.
– Dehydration and incessant thirst as the body uses a lot of fluids to foster its metabolic processes. This can be prevented by consuming large amounts of water.
– Headaches and cravings during the first few days on the diet plan could be psychosomatic and cravings should be withstood in order to achieve diet goals.

Success can be achieved by following the program in a chronological and sequential manner, not cheating on food intake, and not skipping days. Supplementing the plan with adequate water intake, proper exercise, and rest will help the body adjust faster to the regimen and lead to easier maintenance after weight goals have been achieved.

Does It Work?

The GM Diet has become very popular as a weight loss program over the years, effectively able to reduce excess weight at a fast rate. While other weight loss plans can induce at most one pound of loss per week, following the food intake plan strictly on the GM Diet can help you lose up to 10lbs per week. However, the program may prove to be quite overwhelming for some, particularly for first-time users as it involves a radical change in diet consisting of mainly raw vegetables and fruit, and a reduced intake of meat.

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