The Whole30 Diet – What’s That All About?

In a world that is filled with dietary trends there are some that stand out. One is the addiction that we have for sugar and the other (among many) is our increasing knowledge that many people have sensitivities to some of the ingredients that are part and parcel of our daily food regimes.

A new diet – by the name of Whole30 claims that it can solve some of the most common problems that we have with out modern diets – however does this diet stand up to scientific scrutiny?

Well, there are some things that this diet does provide. It stipulates that you should have no sugar, alcohol and no artificial sweeteners.

Eliminating these components from your diet will definitely increase your sense of health and well being – but will it lead to a weight decrease?

This diet does not ask you to count calories – but is rather aimed at increasing an enjoyment of your lifestyle. You will feel more energetic, your metabolism will go into overdrive and you will simply feel more healthy – or so claim many people who have been on the diet.

There’s a simple reason for this. Cut out sugar from your diet and you will avoid a whole lot of processed foods. It’s not only ice cream and dessert that falls by the wayside but also burger buns and other fast food options.

The avoidance of alcohol and foods with high sodium levels will an almost immediate effect on your pants size and you will also also begin to feel much more energetic. When you follow this diet you are pretty much eliminating highly processed food from your daily meals – and fast food is a definite no no. That cannot be bad for anyone who wants to live a healthier lifestyle.

But the diet also calls for giving up a little more than just alcohol and sugar. You also have to sacrifice legumes and dairy. That’s a big ask for anyone who has enjoyed a normal 21st century diet. For those who thought they were living with a healthy diet – including Greek Yogurt or hummus – welcome to a whole new world – because neither of those items is allowed.

The designers of the diet say that sugar and other items such as legumes cause damage to the gut and that this is the reason that you feel sluggish and sometimes off kilter much of the time. There is very little scientific evidence for this – but limiting alcohol intake and sugar is certainly not a bad idea.

The meals that are approved include fresh fruit and veggies, fish and beef, poultry and the addition of great fresh and organic oils rich in good fat such as olive oil. Nuts also feature highly in the diet.

This is by no means an unhealthy option for those who want to shed some weight and rediscover a healthier lifestyle. But as with all diets it requires iron discipline to reap the benefits.

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