The Three Day Diet – Does It Work?

It seems that everyday a new diet fad hits the headlines, especially on the Internet. However many of these are just fads – they tend to fade very quickly into the background.

But there are some diets that seem to catch the public imagination and receive rave reviews from those who have tried them. One of these is the the day diet – or sometimes called the ‘Military Diet.’

The question is – is this the sort of diet plan that you want to take – or is it simply another fad that will allow you to lose weight and then simply put it all back on again once you go back to your normal eating habits.

The answer is complicated. there seems to be a lot of evidence that the diet works – but, as with all diets three days might not be all that is required in order to maintain a lifestyle where a diet such is this might make a lasting difference.

So then what exactly is this three day diet?

The diet itself, at its core is a simple low calorie diet that aims to allow the follower to lose up to ten pounds a week. The three day regime is followed by 4 days off and then repeated – so there is fair amount of discipline involved.

The meal plan itself is simple, however no snacking is allowed between meals- you will have to be as disciplined as a US Marine to get this diet to work.

The meal plan covers breakfast, lunch and supper / dinner.

At the core of the diet is a simple fact – you will be restricting your calorie intake to something in the region of 1400 calories per day. that is for the three days that you will be on on it. Then you have four days off. During that time you are advised to eat healthy meals, but still keep your calorie intake down.

During the three days you advised to eat breakfast involving grapefruit, toast with a minimal amount of peanut butter and tea or coffee.

Lunch would consist of toast with half a cup of tuna (no oil) and again tea or coffee – unsweetened.

Supper / dinner would be 85 grams of protein with boiled green beans, an apple and a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

That is the first day. there are variations over the next two days.

These include a boiled egg for breakfast, cottage cheese, crackers, and the tea or coffee.

Dinner could consist of two hot dogs without the bun, leafy green vegetables like broccoli and half a banana.

Day three would allow you to have tuna and again a half a banana.

The four days after that still require a calorie restricted diet.

It becomes readily apparent that the three day diet is simply a variant of a restricted calorie diet. Yes, you will lose weight following its strict advice. However, the question is – just how long will you be able to follow a diet like this?

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