Get Your Metabolism In Shape With The 17 Day Diet

The 17 day diet promises to get your metabolism into tip top shape and help you burn off all those unwanted calories that out the extra inches on your hips. The question is – does it actually work?

The key, according to the doctor who developed the diet is in a cyclical program that relies on different foods that you enjoy in 17 day cycles – hence the name of the diet.

So what makes this diet different?

The key seems to be to change your calorie count and your food combos every 17 days. That’s something different to your usual diet plan that calls for a slavish adherence to a simple diet plan.

Apparently the theory is that your metabolism will be kept guessing and that will turn it up a notch in an effort to achieve equilibrium.

For those people who like fast food the news isn’t good if you want to follow this diet.

Sugar is out, as are all processed foods, salt and fried foods. For those who enjoy the odd tipple the news is even worse – no alcohol.

It doesn’t end there. In the early parts of the diet you are prohibited from partaking in starchy vegetables.

That said this is a diet that allows you plenty of leeway. However the limitations of 1200 calories at the beginning may give many people pause when starting off. The restrictions do ease as you progress but many people will still find it difficult to stick to the restrictions.

However there are also other suggestions should you choose to get the diet off the Internet. Among these is a cardio workout that will help you reach peak physical fitness and a recipe book that will allow you to vary your diet in order to get the most out of this diet.

The attraction of this diet is that it is varied. Unlike other diets it is actually up to the individual to choose the foods that they want to enjoy. Unlike other diets that are highly restrictive the 17 day diet allows the follower to choose their own path.

Aside from the restrictions on sugars and alcohol and certain high starch veggies this is a diet that will fit into most people’s lifestyles. the restrictions may place some strain on a social situation where people are at bars or who want to enjoy fast foods, however with some careful planning it should allow folk to have a lifestyle that is very close to those who are not on a calorie restricted diet.

The fact that it also allows people to vary their diets within the rules and regulations of the diet will also appeal to those people who want to stick to a diet that is healthy but does not impact on their lifestyle to an extent that it makes it difficult to enjoy a social environment.

This may be very close to the ideal diet for those who still want to enjoy their friends and family without placing pressure on them to conform to their lifestyle choice.

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